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Waterbury History

Waterbury History Waterbury History

Genealogists of all levels will appreciate the rich assortment of resources available detailing Waterbury history. What is now known as the city of Waterbury began with a meeting in October 1673 when the General Court of Connecticut appointed a committee to survey the area and evaluate a proposal to expand settlement into the Naugatuck Valley. In May 1674, a group of settlers from Farmington came to an area six miles wide and ten miles tall from Woodbury at West to Wallingford on the East and from Derby at the South extending North into the wilderness. It then included all or parts of the latter towns of Watertown, Plymouth, Wolcott, Prospect, Naugatuck, Thomaston, and Middlebury.

Select events and items from Waterbury history:
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    The Flood of 1955
    The Waterbury Hall of Fame
    Waterbury Mayors throughout history
    Anderson's History of Waterbury (partial text)
    Clock Towers of Waterbury

The original Indian name for the area was 'Matetacoke' (meaning poorly wooded area) and this original settlement at Mattatuck would be named Waterbury upon official recognition by the General Court as the 28th town in the state of Connecticut. Having been established out of Farmington, Waterbury was originally part of Hartford County, but in May 1728 became part of New Haven County as it remains today.

Waterbury History

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