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Waterbury Cemeteries

In 1916, Charles R. Hale began what would become an extraordinary service to generations of Connecticut descendants. Hale's work started as a local effort to record Rocky Hill, CT, Civil War veterans, but by 1934 would become a project of the W.P.A. providing jobs for 80 people and an invaluable record of Connecticut burials.

On a statewide basis, Hale and his team would eventually record vital information from headstone inscriptions from 2,269 cemeteries, many of which had been long forgotten by the 1930's when this aspect of his work began. The resulting records were bound in volumes by town or city and were also indexed on slips in a single statewide alphabetical file. The Waterbury records include detail for 23 cemeteries known at that time. The names and descriptions shown below are as they appeared in the Hale works. Waterbury was labeled Volume 53 and was microfilmed by the Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah at the Connecticut State Library in January 1950. In most cases, transcriptions found on this site were done from these microfilm pages. For additional detail on an individual cemetery, click on the underlined text (as they become available).

Hale List of Waterbury CT Cemeteries as listed in the original collection
  1. Calvary Cemetery (East Main Street)    [ Aerial View ]
  2. New St. Joseph's Cemetery (On Prospect Road)
  3. Old St. Joseph's Cemetery (On Prospect Road)
  4. Riverside Cemetery (Riverside Street)
  5. Pine Grove Cemetery (Southington Road)
  6. Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Cemetery (Wolcott Road)
  7. Lithuanian Association Cemetery (Wolcott Road)
  8. Brockett Hill Cemetery (South part of town)
  9. Waterville Cemetery (Waterville, north part of city)
  10. Star Lodge Benevolent Association Cemetery (Near Park)
  11. Waterbury Hebrew Benefit Association Cemetery (Northeast part of city)
  12. Brass City Lodge Cemetery (Northeast part of city)
  13. Workman Circle Cemetery (Northeast part of city)
  14. Melchizedek Cemetery (Near park)
  15. Buck's Hill Cemetery (Buck's Hill, north part of city)
  16. New Pine Grove Cemetery (Southington Road)
  17. East Farms Cemetery (On Cheshire Road)
  18. City Cemetery (Removed to Riverside Cemetery)
  19. Congregational Israel Sharis Cemetery (First Road)
  20. Payne Cemetery (Near Reservoir)
  21. Duggan Cemetery (St. Patrick's Church)
  22. Old Cemetery (Site of Library Park)
  23. Grand Street Cemetery (Corner Grand & Meadow)

Waterbury Cemeteries

If you have a special knowledge of Waterbury Cemeteries or any other area cemeteries, please contact us so we can record and share your information with others.

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