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Waterbury Hospitals

Waterbury Hospitals

Waterbury Hospitals have been treating area residents for more than a century and are also tightly integrated into the history of the city. While privacy laws protect much of the health history for your ancestors, most family history enthusiasts with ties to the Greater Waterbury area would be well served to understand the history of one or more of the Waterbury hospitals. When doing research prior to the 1920s or 1930s, note that hospitals and medical facilities aren't what we know today. Most births occurred at home and transit made it challenging for those in outlying areas to seek medical attention. Shown in the graphic above left is a view of St. Mary's Hospital.

St. Mary's Hospital — Founded in 1907 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery, St. Mary's has been serving the Greater Waterbury area for nearly a century. The hospital's earliest benefactor was the Right Reverend Monsignor William J. Slocum, permanent rector of the Immaculate Conception Church in Waterbury. He made an early contribution of $20,000 to get the project off the ground.

Waterbury Hospital — Waterbury Hospital was the first hospital in the city of Waterbury and fourth in the state of Connecticut. It opened on 20 January 1890, after nearly a decade of fundraising. The original home was in a Victorian mansion overlooking the city. During its first twelve months of operation, 85 patients were admitted and two babies were born. The staff included eight physicians, ten nurses, one orderly, a janitor, and a cook. Although there was hot and cold water, all operations were performed by daylight, since the light bulb had not yet been invented.

Waterbury Funeral Homes

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