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Town Plot

Town Plot Town Plot

History of Town Plot
Had it not been for King Philip's War, the Waterbury Green would be on the west side of the Naugatuck River instead of the east. Yankee settlers from Farmington had picked a spot along what is now Highland Avenue for a village. Old history books described the site as "airy, on showy ground." But during the summer of 1675, the great Indian War of New England, commonly called King Philip's War, began. All thoughts of a new settlement were abandoned. Toward the end of 1676, teh fighting was over. The following spring, the Yankees considered settling here again. This time, they looked at the disadvantages of creating a village west of the river, which if flooded, would cut off communications with Farmington. So they settled on the east side, and their village became Waterbury.

The place they abandoned is still called Town Plot, an old name for a vibrant neighborhood full of gardeners, walkers and neighborly people. Located west of downtown Waterbury, Town Plot consists mostly of Italian-Americans who've tilled th land, built homes and a neighborhood strong in ethnic pride.

A big part of neighborhood life centers around activities at Our Lady of Mount Carmel. For the past 54 years [in 1995], the church has played host to the annual Our Lady of Mount Carmel feast in July. The four-day event features food, games and music, and concludes with a neighborhood parade honoring Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Today, Town Plot is home to Holy Cross High School located on Oronoke Road.

Town Plot
Excerpt of an article By Robyn Adams, Waterbury Republican-American — January 27, 1995

If you have a special knowledge of Town Plot or any other Waterbury neighborhoods, please contact us so we can record and share your story for others.

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